As the convenience and popularity of search engines continues to grow, your company’s website is the first impression prospective customers get of your organization. Making sure your company’s website features an appealing design and layout is important, but aren’t the only aspects you need to consider when designing your manufacturing website. After all, your website needs to be more than just appealing. Your website needs to convert.

Today’s manufacturers know that their website needs good content in order to convert, but most aren’t sure of the type of content they should include on their website, or how to write content that generates conversions. To write web content that converts, you must:

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Define your call-to-action.

Clearly define the action you want your website visitors to take. Do you want users to fill out and submit a request a quote form, request samples, make a purchase directly from your website, etc.? After defining your conversion action, write content that encourages visitors to take that action. This is your call-to-action (CTA). Examples of common CTAs include phrases such as, “request a quote,” “add to cart,” or “contact us.”

Write to your target audience.

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Identify your target audience with basic demographic information such as age, gender, education level, and industry. To maximize the chances of generating conversions, the content on your website needs to speak directly to your target audience. To reach your target audience, you need to think like your target audience.. To help you write content that speaks to your target audience, consider:

  • The words your target audience uses to search for your website.
  • The reasons why your target audience is visiting your website.
  • The level of internet experience your target audience has.
  • The features and benefits of your products and services that would appeal to your target audience the most.

Your web content should also answer your target audience’s questions, alleviate their concerns, and convey your company’s unique value proposition

Nick Fitzgerald, President of Online Marketing at Foremost Media also adds, “that it is important to understand the proficiency of your audience when writing to them. You do not want to write simplistically to explain your product to a passing consumer when your target audience is engineers.”

Tell your brand’s story.


The content on your website needs to be consistent with your brand. If the content on your website isn’t consistent with your company’s branding strategy, it’s going to confuse visitors and make them less likely to trust your company, and prospective customers won’t do business with a company they don’t trust.

In her recent blog post, Rose Stricker, Online Marketing Specialist at Foremost Media reminds manufacturers that, “To be effective, content needs to build a relationship between [your] company and [your] customers and clients. Anytime you can create content that shares a story, stirs feelings, and builds a relationship, you’ve created something very valuable.”

To increase conversions, the content on your manufacturing website should speak to your target audience, convey your brand messaging, and convince visitors to take your desired action. With so many other important aspects of web design to focus on, it can be easy for content writing to be lost in the shuffle. But ensuring your website has quality content is the difference between a website that converts, and one that doesn’t.

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