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60 Second Hacks to Grow Your Business: Scheduling Facebook Posts

In today's 60 second hack to grow your business, we will show you how to schedule Facebook posts in advance!

Scheduling a Facebook post in advance is a great trick if you have a bunch of content and you want to space it out over time, or you know you won’t have time later to post that deal when it goes live. It’s as simple as just a few clicks!

  1. Create your post as you normally would
  2. Right above the blue “Share Now” button you will see a “Share Now” dropdown and select “Schedule”
  3. A window will pop up and you can either use the suggested date and time that Facebook recommends based on when your fans are most active or you can select a custom date of your choice
  4. Click Schedule and then you will notice the big blue button has changed to “Schedule Post”. Click it and you are all set!

Something to consider:

  • The distribution schedule is a great tool to use if you are sharing content that has an expiration date such as a sale or coupon. You can set that date so your post won’t show up in people’s feeds after it expires. Just note that you can only select a time between 10 minutes and six months in the future.