Two recent security issues in the web world have people talking. The first is The Poodle Attack that goes after SSL 3.0, and the second is the security flaw within Microsoft Office's PowerPoint program. What do these mean for you?

The Poodle Attack

What it is: Hackers have discovered a way into the outdated version of SSLv3. They trick systems into using less security so they are able to gain access to a user's passwords, private data and cookies off their computer.

Who does this affect: This only affects those that are still using the SSL 3.0 version.
Foremost Media clients do not need to worry. We use updated versions of SSLs that are not susceptible to this attack, therefore all of your information remains protected.

Microsoft Security Flaw

What it is: A security flaw within Microsoft Office, particularly in PowerPoint, that allows hackers to gain control of the user's computer. These hackers use an OLE, (Object linking or embedding) file to get it. Once they gain access, they are able to install harmful malware or even change data on your system. All versions of Windows are included in this security breach, except for Windows Server 2003.

Who does this affect: The good news is, this attack requires user interaction. In other words, a user must actually download the harmful files onto the computer. At this time, Microsoft is highly recommending that users only download files from trusted sources, even those files that are not PowerPoint.

Every day there are new ways that hackers are finding to invade our systems. The best ways to protect yourself are by making sure the files you open are from trusted sources; and increase your site's security with a current SSL.

What are my next Steps?

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