In June of 2013, Google began penalizing sites that were not mobile-friendly. This was part of Google's efforts to create the ultimate user experience. Starting this week they are taking things a step further.

"By 2017, 90% of users will be accessing the internet through their phones." Click to Tweet.

Not only is Google penalizing these sites, they just announced they are giving a ranking boost to sites that have put forth the effort to make their sites mobile-friendly, aka responsive. This boost comes in correlation with a mobile-friendly label. When a search is done on Google, at the beginning of the result with have a label if Google has verified the site as mobile-friendly, or responsive. The label looks like this:

Become Mobile Friendly

In order for a site to be considered mobile--friendly, it must have the following attributes:

  • It does not use Flash or other software that is not common on mobile devices.
  • Contains text that is readable without zooming
  • Text is readable without scrolling horizontally
  • Links are spaced far enough apart for easy tapping

It is projected that by 2017, 90% of users will be accessing the internet through their phones. There is no time like the present to get your site mobile-friendly and not only avoid any penalties, but receive a ranking boost as well. Contact us today for help making your site responsive.

*****UPDATE April 2015*****

Google has announced they are rolling out the mobile-friendly update April 21st, 2015. After this date, whether or not your site is responsive/mobile-friendly will be a factor in search engine rankings. This could potentially lead to a significant decrease in traffic as more and more people are on mobile devices when searching. If you are at all concerned about how your site looks to users, test your site here: Then if you have any further questions or are interested in a responsive site, do not hesitate to contact us.

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