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Recent Google Update Encourages Increased Site Security

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team has become what you could say, Google stalkers. We are constantly researching and studying to find out which signals Google is giving the most authority to, and what updates they are adding to their algorithm. Well, they are back at it again. Google recently announced that they have added an HTTPS ranking signal. What does this mean?

Google has explained that having an SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) applied to a site, which makes it HTTPS, creates a better user experience. When your site is HTTPS, all the information passed back and forth between the clients and your site is encrypted, making all of their information secure.

Up until now, most sites that have had SSL Certificates were eCommerce sites. These sites needed to have secure checkouts and extra security since they were collecting confidential information from visitors. Due to this recent update, Google is now recommending that sites all across the web be HTTPS in order to create a more protected online presence for users.

Google rewards this extra method of security with reduced bounce rates and a ranking boost. A ranking boost for your website results in an increase in traffic. We are highly recommending all of our clients add an SSL Certificate to their websites. Here are some common questions our clients have asked:

Will it work for my website?

Yes. With the latest SSL Certificate update, it is applicable to any site.

Will it change the look of my site?

No. The URL will now read simply https rather than http, and you will receive a "TrustLogo".


Will it slow my site down?

No. The change is insignificant enough that neither site visitors nor Google will detect any type of delay.

Does it take long to set up?

No. Your site can be HTTPS within a couple days to just a few weeks.

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Update: The Importance of Website Security in 2024 and Beyond

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the importance of website security in 2024 cannot be overstated. If you have a website CMS platforms like WordPress or NopCommerece for example, the consistent updating of a site's code base is paramount. Regular updates to both the core CMS and plugins are not just routine maintenance; they are critical defenses against emerging cyber threats.

With most CMS systems like WordPress continually releasing patches and updates, staying current is essential for safeguarding your website. These updates often contain vital security enhancements and bug fixes, which are crucial for protecting against vulnerabilities and ensuring compatibility with new technologies.

Moreover, the choice of web hosting plays a significant role in website security. Foremost Media not only offers quality hosting but also actively monitors for security intrusions. By using advanced security measures, we ensure the safety and integrity of your hosted sites. Additionally, our services include scanning for updates and notifying clients of essential pending updates, thus maintaining a proactive stance in website security management.

In 2024 and beyond, effective website security is a combination of not only SSL certificates but up-to-date code bases, vigilant hosting practices, and an ongoing commitment to adopting new security measures. At Foremost Media, we are dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions, helping our clients navigate the complexities of website security with ease.