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NOP Commerce Customization FAQ's

NOP Commerce is one of the most flexible and customizable aspdotnet shopping carts available. With so many built-in features, it handles most companies' e-commerce needs out of the box. But one of the real selling points for this code base is its ability to build out additional customized functionality. For this blog post, I thought we would start a list of customization questions that we receive from time to time along with our answers to customers. This blog post will be updated as new questions come in, so please check back.

Question - Can we configure a price list in NOP that’s different than standard pricing?

Out of the box, NOP Commerce has the ability to do different tiers of pricing. For example, you could set up a "Distributor A Price List" and then set discounts off standard rates by category or all the way down to the product level. Once this is set up you can then apply this discount role to one customer or a group of customers. This approach works well if you have a group of customers with consistent pricing discounts or just a few outliers that have unique pricing. If you have a lot of customers with different unique pricing levels, then we would typically look at doing an integration that pulls the price list for the customer from your internal ERP system. Prices on ERP pricing integration and NOP Commerce would depend on which ERP system you're using and how easy it is to get at the info. Some ERP systems have nice API's we can tap into while others require export and import of flat files.

Question - Does NOP have the ability to allow customers to load their own shipping account number, which would zero out shipping charge?

This is again something we can configure. It takes a couple hours to set up, but it basically allows $0 shipping if a customer chooses "Ship with my own UPS Account" - We would just need to put in some additional fields when this option is selected to collect their account number and the shipping method they wish to use (Next Day, Standard Ground etc.)

If you have a question or a NOP Commerce customization need of your own, don't hesitate to reach out