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Return of Marketing Leader Brings Huge Upside

Mama, I’m comin’ home! (Sorry for the Ozzy Osbourne reference, we couldn’t help ourselves). Director of Sales and Marketing, Evan Facinger, has returned to Foremost Media at a time when the future couldn’t be brighter.

Facinger was a key piece of the Foremost Media team for over four years before founding his own consulting firm. However, the exciting direction of the business and the chance to work with an expanded team was an alluring sell.

Facinger, a forward-thinking marketing leader and speaker, brings over 10 years of industry experience. His return to the team is a huge value-add for clients looking to beef up their digital marketing strategies, including industry leading Amazon marketing services.

“It’s rare to find such a talented group of marketers, developers and project managers under one roof. I am looking forward to working with everybody again,” said Facinger.

Evan Facinger will be speaking at PubCon Pro Las Vegas 2019, October 8-10. If you plan on attending the conference, stop by to say hello!