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Using Twitter To Promote Your Business

Tweet About Your Business On Twitter

Learn More About Using Twitter To Promote Your Business

Twitter is a tool for social interaction and microblogging which is quickly becoming a excellent resource to reach people quickly. If you haven't heard of Twitter by now, it is well worth the time to get educated. With celebrates like Oprah on twitter the soccer moms of the world are soon to follow. Several government agencies are even jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, using it as a platform to deliver time-sensitive information to the public.

"When a commuter train derailed Sept. 12, 2008, in Chatsworth, CA., killing dozens and injuring hundreds, the LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department) tweeted several times to update the public about rescue operations. And citizens near a wildfire in Griffith Park in 2007 tweeted to the LAFD about wind direction and smoldering hot spots, which helped fire fighters control the 800-acre blaze." According to PEW Internet Project nearly 11 percent of the population is now actively tweeting, having grown to over 46 million users.

So do you want to get involved?

Consider these ideas:

Inform Don't Sell:

Blatant advertising messages are annoying. Tweet your news and keep the public aware, but don't sell, INFORM!

Make Aware-Share:

Twitter is about relationship building by being friendly and helpful to others. You can share links, news stories, even emergency information is a good fit for Twitter.

Connect With Customers and Friends:

Are you craving insight and tips from innovative leaders in your area of expertise? Follow and be followed - connect with influential people by using Twitter. It may be easier than calling or e-mailing.

Monitor Your Company:

Search out tweets about your business or service. This will enables you to watch what the public are saying about your business and respond quickly and directly to both positive and negative posts about your company.

Be real:

When tweeting demonstrate your authenticity and make sure to completely fill out your profile as well as upload a nice photo of yourself. Remember, people relate to other people.

The best part is Twitter is completely free so get started today. By creating a Twitter account for your business, you're showing the world that you're taking advantage of every opportunity to keep them connected and up to date with your business. For more information or how to set up a Twitter account, visit www.twitter.com.

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