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Video SEO, Who Knew? (We Did.)

It's true. Video can be up to 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search than text (Forrester Research) but not just any video - it must be Search Engine Optimized video. Since everyone is on the SEO bandwagon, it's harder than ever to reach or keep high rankings no matter how aggressive your efforts.This is where SEO video may put you over the top.

Video SEO is the process of using SEO tools with your video and then submitting the SEO videos themselves (not just the pages where the videos reside) to the various search engines. Because there is so much less of it, and because only very little of all online video is properly submitted with SEO, there is a disproportionate bias towards properly submitted SEO video. Results can appear within a few short days.The fact is videos are taking over traditional searches.

Google is pushing video to the top of search results, creating a goldmine for web savvy marketers. What attracts Google to properly optimized videos is that presenting mixed media search results for any given is one of Google's main objectives. The fact is, very little of the available content on the web is submitted to search engines.It's generally posted through YouTube which is completely unrecognizable for Google (or other search engines) to index. If submitted properly, your video may actually appear on page one of a Google search above a regular HTML web page.

Here's the magic recipe in a nutshell to get your online video indexed by Google and other major search engines:

  1. Create compelling video. Note:Research proves that 80% of your home page visitors will click on video FIRST, so make your message worthwhile!
  2. Post the video noticeably throughout your web site - various locations.
  3. Then optimize the video for search engines by using key words and phrases in the file name, key words in captions, etc.
  4. Follow the relevant search engine submission guidelines as they apply to video. In most cases this will mean submitting both the video and the page displaying the video.
  5. It's been recommended to submit a permalink sitemap that mirrors the video XML feed, with title tags on the permalink pages identical to the video title to achieve the highest page rank scoring.
  6. If you are using a third party video platform provider you also want to make sure that links point back to your site, not that of the video platform provider.

Video SEO can be a powerful marketing tool for any business looking up their SEO rankings.Search engines can't find video content on their own, so getting submission right is critical -- a knowledgeable partner can make this much easier. Let Foremost Media help you optimize your costly video effort to get higher ranking results in no time.