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Website Request For Proposal Process

Get through the hassles and headaches of finding a web developer by having a well thought-out Request For Proposal or RFP. If you haven’t been through the process before, this article should get your wheels spinning on how to begin.

“We need a new website!”

So, the boss just asked you to head up the project for a new website. Super! Depending on your business’ market, it’s going to be time consuming. Hiring the best web design and development company isn’t as easy as searching Google for “best website designer”. It’s important to understand who you are investing time and money with. A web design company worth their salt will know how to respond to a Request For Proposal (RFP).

Start With The RFP Process

Starting out a new web development project using a website RFP process sets the ball rolling for success. An RFP helps your organization evaluate your actual needs, timeline and budget you have to allocate. As an RFP is an invitation to bid on your project, it is important to communicate clearly your website requirements and objectives.

The RFP informs potential vendors that your organization is looking for services. It also should provide information on the bidding process and contract terms. The document should outline the scope and requirements of the project. A well written RFP will detail the short and long-term business objectives. Details are everything! The more information you can convey to potential suppliers, the more accurate quote or proposal you’ll receive back.

Project Scope - What Does Your Website Need To Do?

This is where all the details come in. Do not leave a stone unturned. Take your time with defining your Web Project Scope. Include company stakeholders in this process. Though, the business may actively sell a product or provide a specific service, the human resources department may have specific information they need available for hiring purposes. Compliance officers may need a web page to display certifications.

It’s always good to bring a Sitemap into the RFP document. This will give your potential vendors an idea of the website’s depth, types of custom pages and functionality necessary to prepare a quote.

Here's a list of pages and functions that should be considered in your project and detailed in the request for proposal.

Common Pages For Most Websites

Business Function Webpages

  • Category or section of products and services
  • Individual product and services description pages
  • If ecommerce, carts and checkouts

Utility Type Webpages

  • Directory to find products or services using listings or maps
  • Calculators, estimators, charts, manuals
  • Further reading as articles or blogs

Functional Requirements in an RFP

You can’t forget these necessities. When writing your web project’s objectives and deliverables, you should address your requirements for the following:

Website Design RFP Template

Foremost Media has over a decade of experience with RFPs and Request For Quote (RFQs) for web development work. Let us help you get started on your next Web design project. Download the free editable RFP template (then send it over to us for a response).