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Website Security: 60 Second Hacks to Grow Your Business

In today's 60 second hack to grow your business, we will be discussing website security!

To find out if your website is secure, you must first visit your website. Up by the URL, there will be a little lock box. When you click on this box, it should say "your connection is secure".

If your website is missing the padlock, your website is not secure. To secure your website, you must purchase an SSL cerficiate, or Secure Socket Layer. There are 3 main reasons why is is important to have a secure website.

  1. Security- SSL certificates make it difficult for hackers to steal any data from your website.
  2. Trust- Users are more likely to fill out a form or give you their personal information such as their email address if they trust your website and know it's secure.
  3. Ranking- Google looks at security as a ranking factor, so having a secure website will give you a boost in the rankings.