Microsoft Advertising recently started a beta that uses the power of text ad on Bing and allows the enhanced targeting of LinkedIn Profiles. The challenge with text ads in the past was that you knew a user’s intent based on the query they typed into a search engine, but you didn’t know if it was a hobbyist from down the street or an employee at a multi-million dollar company. This new beta allows you to bid differently based on parameters that you can set up in Bing Ads. You can serve text ads to customers based on their company, job function and industry. This feature is the perfect complement to other audience targeting solutions.

Why use LinkedIn Profile Targeting in Bing?

Outside of LinkedIn itself, Microsoft Advertising is the only digital advertising platform to offer LinkedIn Profile Targeting.

LinkedIn profile dimensions can help you target the right audience. More targeted audiences allow you to boost your bids more precisely and help you achieve your ROI goals.

There are three current ways to target LinkedIn Profiles:

Bing targeting example by company

  • Industry Targeting: If sorting through 80,000 individual companies is too overwhelming, advertisers can alternatively target all the employees working in one of 145 different industries, such as Consumer Goods, Human Resources, and Healthcare.

Bing targeting example by industry

  • Job Function Targeting: Regardless of their industry or company, individuals will play different roles and have different interests. Advertisers will have control over whether their ads are reaching, for instance, human resource professionals, marketing team members, or IT support staff. At launch, the integration will feature 26 different job function targets.

job function targeting

You can not entirely exclude LinkedIn profile targets at this time; you can only decrease bids by up to -90%. Bing’s integration with LinkedIn gives it a unique competitive advantage over Google’s limited targeting options. This is attractive to countless B2B companies who often struggle to place their ads in front of the right audiences. This could even impact non-B2B advertisers. B2C advertisers could benefit from this new professional targeting, as people’s professional lives influence their personal purchasing behaviors. This could also help qualify a user’s relative income. A vacation package may not be tailored for a B2B audience, but an advertiser may be willing to bid more to attract a well-paid CFO or senior executive than they might for other audiences.

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